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Your first visit to our office establishes an important foundation for our relationship with you. During the first visit, we make sure to collect important background information and give you time to get to know your doctor. Being well-prepared will ensure that the doctor has everything needed to provide the best care possible. It also will help relieve any anxiety you may be feeling.

Before your visit, if you’ve been experiencing any persisting symptoms, it’s important to keep track of them. Once you arrive to your appointment, make sure to have any necessary paperwork with you and filled out. Finally, we suggest reviewing our Treatments and About Us page, so you’re not only familiar with our team, but the types of procedures we perform. Doing all of this allows you to relax as soon as you arrive. We look forward to your first visit.


58 yr old female had Zoom whitening plus two Porcelain Veneers on her front teeth to transform her smile.


64 yr old male had old discolored fillings in his upper teeth. Ten Porcelain Crowns gave him a pleasing youthful smile!


30 year old male had a full smile makeover with a combination of 22 porcelain veneers and crowns.


60 year old male had a full smile makeover with gum recontouring and 28 porcelain veneers.


60 year old female fractured her front teeth in an accident. Dr.Tsimis repaired her teeth with 4 porcelain crowns.

smile4 (1)

70 year old female was never happy with the appearance of her natural teeth. Dr. Tsimis transformed her smile with 12 porcelain veneers.


60 year old male did not like his smile and was missing all of his back teeth. Dr. Tsimis transformed his smile and his bite with porcelain crowns on his upper teeth and dental implants to replace his missing back teeth.


48 year old female had old porcelain fused -to- metal crowns and worn lower teeth. She had a full smile makeover using 28 porcelain veneers and crowns.


60 year old female did not like the appearance of her front teeth. Dr.Tsimis gave her a beautiful new smile by placing porcelain veneers on her 6 upper front teeth.


This is Victoria A., a 32 year old female who wanted to have her old crowns replaced for her wedding. She is thrilled with her new smile Dr. Mike created for her.


This is S.S., a 42 yo female who was unhappy with the old dental work on her front teeth. She had 8 new porcelain crowns to create a beautiful new smile.

our patients are saying

"Dr. Tsimis has been my dentist since childhood. He’s thorough, and his personability puts you at ease. Office staff are warm and welcoming as well. I have always felt comfortable and well taken care of here."

—Melissa K.

"What a class act Dr. Tsimis is. He's been our family dentist for more than 25 years. During the pandemic quarantine he handled an emergency dental procedure flawlessly. We've moved out of Bergen County but he still remains our dentist. Thank you Dr. Mike!"

—Abel A.

"Everything about this dental office is spectacular including office facilities and staff! Minimal waiting time."

—Maria C.

"Dr Tsimis is excellent . He is a perfectionist and makes sure your teeth and smile are perfect ! Always explains what he needs to do and is very accommodating in emergencies. I recommend him to everyone."

—Elaine P.

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